History of the building

To the west of the station, the grounds of the hotel, Batteriegasse 2, were joined together from various owners' contributions (cadastral numbers D115 to D117) from ca. 1880 on. Facts from the following years were found in old documents:

1898: F. Mayerhofer is named as the innkeeper of cadastral number D116;

1908: Josef Hölzl from Nürnberg purchases the inn;

1910: the inn is called "Hotel Mayerhofer";

1914: Eduard Fentsch, a brewer from Sulzbach, is named as its proprietor

1925 to 1927: Hotel Mayerhofer was expanded by its proprietor at the time, Michael Wening, following the suggestions of architect Rogler. Since that time, there are the faux-gothic stepped gables at the front of the hotel, which is now called "Bahnhofhotel" (station hotel) - a term still in use with old Ambergers.

1955: Hermann Schießl purchases the Bahnhofhotel. It is later leased to the Riedl family, the Schneider family, and the Molter family. At some point, Hermann Schießl's parents, Hans and Marga Schießl, were the innkeepers.

1986: Gertraud Schießl, Hermann Schießl's daughter, takes over, and the hotel manageress has been in charge ever since, managing the hotel. After extensive renovations inside and outside in 1988, it was named "Altstadt-Hotel".

Today, the hotel has 24 single and double rooms of different sizes. Each room offers a telephone, T-Com WiFi, a flatscreen TV and a desk; in the bathroom (bathtub or shower), a lighted makeup mirror and a hair dryer.

A new dining room ("Bürgerstuben") and a large breakfast room were added in 1991. And, finally, there is a botanical highlight in front of the hotel: an Ailanthus altissima, commonly known as "tree of heaven", a deciduous tree in the Simaroubaceae family, which mainly grows in Japan.

Research: Hans Hummel, Stadtheimatpfleger (person in charge of maintaining the city's history and traditions), with added information by Hermann Schießl, Gertraud Schießl, and Friedhelm Pausch

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