The City of Amberg – a modern city with an old tradition

As a visitor of Amberg you should best not be in a hurry, because the millennial city invites you to stroll around, to discover its secrets in medieval lanes, historical buildings and attractively designed museums. Moreover, excursions into the surrounding landscape of the Upper Palatinate are a temptation.

The Altstadt-Hotel Amberg and the millennial city with its river Vils will fascinate you.

The City of Amberg with its almost one thousand years of history and its impressive historical atmosphere presents itself as a modern centre for shopping and services, with a lively cultural scene. The old and the new are intertwined into a harmonious whole, offering an excellent standard of living. It's no surprise that living and working here is just as enjoyable as spending your holiday and relaxing. Amberg is well worth a visit.

Numerous historical buildings are characteristic of the city's distinctive appearance. To this day, the former capital of the Upper Palatinate can be proud of its medieval city centre, almost completely surrounded by a town wall, four intact city gates plus a unique water gate. Its gothic city hall, numerous churches, town houses and monastery buildings stand to the right and left of River Vils, which flows through the historic centre.

Many details of Amberg's history and culture reward you with rich impressions: the eventful history of the residence city of the Palatian Electors in the Upper Palatinate; the sumptuous Wedding of Amberg in 1474; King Frederic I., who was called "Winterkönig" because he only ruled for one winter; but also outstanding people of the modern age, like artist Michael Mathias Prechtl, whose paintings are displayed in a special permanent exhibition at the City Museum.

The wonderful Municipal Theatre and the Amberg Congress Centre spoil their visitors with a wide range of cultural events. Here are some examples of what else is offered all year round: cabaret at the summer festival, summer serenades at the Maltesergarten, sophisticated literary events at the Municipal Library, outstanding exhibitions at the City Museum and at the unique Air Museum.

Take a guided tour of the city, maybe to the top of the tower of St. Martin's church, too, or even a scary tour with an "executioner"; but you can also enjoy a peaceful trip on a special kind of riverboat, the "Vilsplätte", or one of the numerous festivals all around the year.

Pure relaxation can be found in the recreation areas in the city itself, on the premises of the former Bavarian horticultural show; at the park-like area around the city wall; and on the hill of St. Mary's church, "Mariahilfberg". Apart from all this, Amberg also provides the foundations for young people's future: with its schools and its university of applied sciences.

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